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How people are being cheated on Telegram, be careful friends, the bank account may be empty


Telegram Job Scams In 2024

Hello guys, I’m Mostakin and today I will show you how people are being cheated on Telegram. Hackers are now figuring out how to extort money from people. People get caught in their nets and lose lakhs of rupees very easily. They make sim cards and bank accounts in people’s names and take money from you so that no one can catch them.

And you will be so greedy that you will willingly give money to their website. They will give you some money in your account in advance to make you trust their site. And you will be given the task to ‘follow’ some names on Instagram. All these works have to be ‘reviewed’ on Google Maps. If you send them a screenshot after following and reviewing, the money will be credited to your account instantly.

My Telegram message comes from a number in another country.
how are you I reply, I’m fine.

Then the message comes, just like, follow and review to earn a lot of money?

I wrote – I am ready to do this.
They gave me a job link. I worked and gave them a screenshot. They took my bank account and paid 400 taka to my account.

Then gave me the link of their website. I joined there. Now they say, if you deposit 1000 rupees in the wallet of this site, you will get 1300 rupees in ten minutes. I didn’t do that

Because if we deposit 1000 rupees there is no chance of getting that money. Even if I get it, I will deposit a lot of money by showing greed like this, then there will come a time when all my money is gone. That’s why I say friends, don’t give them money at such a time.

Guys, the purpose of my post is so that no one gets into this kind of problem and pays money. Many thanks to MbeBazaar Team for uploading my post.

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