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See how fraudsters are duping people with the name of ‘Call Boy Job’


Hello friends what I will talk about today is ‘Call Boy Service’. In the name of this ‘Call Boy Service’ fraudsters are cheating many boys every day.

What is ‘Call Boy Job’ – The real name of Call Boy Job is ‘Men Escort Service’ It is a foreign company. This company is registered in their country.

The real work of this ‘Call Boy Service’ is that for some time women buy men with money to have sex in the hotel. But ‘Call Boy Job’ is illegal in our country. Indian government does not give permission for men escort service.

Many fraudsters in our country cheat people to give this job. They make pages on social media and promise to give jobs to people.Create a page on any social media, ‘Make a lot of income at home’. On that page it will be written,

1,If you want to do this, click on the link below and enter your name and address
2, If you are willing to do this work then give your number in the comment box.
3, to do this, contact our number,

You will find at least two of these three questions on their page. And if you do any of these, you will get a phone call and be told that you will earn Rs.1.5 lakh to Rs.2 lakh per month. The name of the job will be call boy job.

I will tell you the details about this. If they tell 100 boys about the call boy job, 70 of them will be ready to do this job. One more thing I forgot to mention is that this phone call will be made by women.

Fraudsters say guys to do this first you need to make your ID card. It will cost two to three thousand rupees. In order for the job to be trusted by you, give them a website link and say that the number one call boy service job in India is provided from this website.

All believe when you pay then they will block your number. You don’t even get to tell anyone about the money you give them. All the accounts they withdraw money from are in other people’s names. Since they charge small amounts of money, it becomes very difficult to catch them.

Also they will take documents from you like Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport size photo in the name of making your ID card. They cheat other people by creating new sim cards and bank accounts with your documents.

In our country only boys are being cheated in the name of this job. So be careful, block them when they receive such phone calls or messages.

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