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Scam Job-Call Boy Service Cheated Me 10000 rupees


I am Rohit Yadav my home is Kishanganj Bihar. I work in a hotel in Delhi. I will tell you a story of mine, how fraudsters cheated me of 10 thousand rupees. I have a facebook account called ‘pubg rohit’ one day a lady named neha sharma messaged me on my messenger at 11 pm.

 The message read ‘Earn a lot at home’. I wrote in the answer what work is available and what I can do. Because my duty time in the hotel where I work is from 7 pm to 7 am. Working in a hotel, I get a monthly salary of 12 thousand 500 Rupees. As I don’t have any day job so I am also looking for day job.

I messaged Neha Sharma again that I can work during the day”?
“Answer – no problem you can work us during the day.”
“I want to know what works?”
“Ans – Job is call boy job”

I thought the job might be in a call center.

“So I messaged him that this work is for Airtel Company or Jio Company. And the work will be done at my location.”
“Answered – This job is not from Yertel or Jio company, this job is you have to have sex with some of our female clients. And you have to pay us 20% of what our female clients pay you. You can do this job. anywhere.”

I said ok. I didn’t believe that these things could happen, so I video called Neha at midnight. He answered the phone and told me the details of the work. If you want to join their work, first you need to make an ID card which costs 500 rupees. I video called him the next day and paid 500 rupees for making Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and ID. After an hour the call boy sent the job ID card on my messenger. Couldn’t call due to busy that day.

Next day Neha Sharma called me and said that their office person will call me for video verification. They have to pay a processing fee of Rs 550 for the video verification call.

I also paid them the processing fee. That same day I received a video call from their office on my phone and they told me everything.

  1. I have to be clean all the time.
  2. If you have a meeting with a client, you should go with them very quickly.
  3. Eight meetings should be held every month.
  4. New clothes and pants should be worn to every meeting.
  5. Do what the client says.
  6. 20,000 to 30,000 rupees will be taken from the client per meeting and twenty percent will be given to the office staff.

After hearing this, I told them that I can do everything. After talking with them, it was time to go to the hotel for dinner. I went to the hotel at seven in the evening. After some time two women called me for a meeting. I gave them from nine to ten at night and from eleven to twelve at night. After some time Neha Sharma called my number again. and saying

“Today you are going to have your first meeting in our company, so we have to pay twenty percent tax first. Only after this charge will you be given the client position. All subsequent meetings will not have to pay tax first.”

After listening to them, I paid eight thousand rupees for two clients. Contacting their numbers after the money is gone, they have closed all the numbers. This incident happened to me in February 2020. I called them for a long time but they never reached me.

So friends beware, people are being cheated in our India in the name of call boy service. Thank you very much for reading my post.

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I Am Rohit Yadav From Kishanganj

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